The Grandfather's Arrival  

“I can’t imagine how to tell her about it?! She is so sensitive I am  afraid she might feel bad.”
“She is just sick,   dad  why should she get  so  nervous  about it.  I think it is you that is sensitive and not her.”
“Let’s be careful while telling her about it all right?”
“Come on dad, don’t be so nervous.”
“We would like to tell you something, but don’t worry, my  love.”
“What’s wrong, darling? You don’t look yourself? What happened?”
“Everything is all right, mom.  Dad was deadly upset by the telegram we received today from your aunt. She fell ill.”
“Oh, my God you scared me.  All right  I will go to her place immediately.  Take some calming drops, honey we all are mere mortals, there is nothing we can do.”

Adely  began packing her things.

”I will call you as soon as I get there.  My aunt is a strong woman, but  a little bit emotional.  See me to the door now, I will call you later.” 
Her husband and their  two grown-up daughters were staying at home alone. The girls were college students  and they were  immersed  in their studies.  Late in the evening a telephone call was heard  in their  house.
“This must be mother.” The elder daughter ran up to the telephone.
“Yes, mom it’s me.  Ah, sorry I thought  it is my mother. Who?  You are our grandfather? Mother’s uncle? Yes, of course we will be glad to have you. Come, please.
It was our grandfather, mom’s uncle he has just arrived from a foreign country  and he is going to visit us  right now.”
“Your mother’s uncle?   I don’t remember him. Your mother never  told us anything about him. Perhaps they used to fight and she didn’t want to talk about him?”
“Maybe. Let’s welcome him as if we know him. Otherwise it would be awkward.”
“Of course you are right.”
Their grandfather came to their place shortly after.  He got a warm welcome from them. The guest aroused  a  great curiosity  in them.
“I was thinking about you all the time  and here I am at last. You are so beautiful and adult girls. I am so glad to have met you.”
Their grandfather was a cheerful and   an affable man. They liked him very much. He said that he would have to come back home soon as he didn’t want to leave his house unattended.
“And where is your mother? Why isn’t she here with us?”
“She had to leave us as mom’s  aunt is unwell.”
“I hope it is not serious.”
‘We don’t know  she left  a few hours ago and hasn’t called us yet. I hope that everything is alright.”
They were enjoying  the evening spending it together with their grandfather who  was very friendly , easygoing  and he had a  great sense of humor too. He was indulging his  grandchildren with love and care. The delight he was getting from spending time with them  seemed  to be a sort of compensation for  the years spent alone.
Adely called them  later and said that there  is nothing serious with her aunt and that she would come back soon. But every time she called them they would forget to tell her about their guest.
“I had better get moving now. It is a pity that I haven’t  talked to your mother. I hope I will see her one day too. I will not forget the time  I spend with you today.”
“Will you call us? We will really miss you.”
“I can’t promise you that, but I will think about you all the time.”
“I wonder what could happen between them. He is such a kind man, very sympathetic.  Mother is a sociable woman too.
I can’t imagine that she never told us anything about him. We will tell her about his arrival won’t we?”
She come back home after two days of grandfather’s departure.
“My aunt is such a  panic-monger. Little  hyperthermia, and she thinks that she won’t recover, I even invited her to our place but she says she can’t leave her house.
How have you been here without me?  Missing and starving?”
“Don’t be offended mum. We were not missing you and we were not starving, we were having a great time.  Our grandfather, I mean your  uncle visited us  while you were away he  took  a  great care of us. Why we didn’t know anything about him?  He is so nice.”
  “Who came?  My uncle? He couldn’t have come! That’s impossible!”
“We  know that something must have happened between you and him and we didn’t ask him about it.”
“Nothing happened between us. I never told you anything about him because  shortly before  you were born he  drowned.”


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