The Window  

 “What do you think of that?”
“Oh, Tony it looks divine I can’t believe it’s ours!”
“Yes, darling this is our house now and we will live in it.”
“Where is Luke? Has he already seen it?”
"He fell asleep in the car I will 
go and wake him up.”
Luke lazily opened his eyes, he was
 filled with astonishment. 
“It’s unbelievable! What a wonderful house it is!”
Luke liked their new house. 
“Mom how many rooms are there in the house?”
“A lot my dear go and choose your own.”
The rooms were spacious and light.  Each of them had a way out to the balcony which surrounded the house. The house had a wonderful garden and there was a huge pond with different types of 
Little by little they began to make themselves at home. The family wanted to adopt a dog. A kennel was already prepared for their future pet they just had to buy a puppy.
“Mom, may I paint the view out of my window?"
“What for darling? You can look at it anytime.’’
“But I really wanted to paint it so much!

“All right, as you wish my dear.” 
When she came back to look at her son’s painting she wasn’t able to understand which one was real.
“Oh my, Tony just look what our son has painted he is a true artist isn’t he?!”
Tony liked it too. 
“It really seems to be real 
and makes you just want to jump into it!"

“Mom, I want to have a dog." The child implored for the dog.
“Have you already chosen a name for your future pet?”
“That’s not a problem but as I see buying a dog is a problem for you both.”
“All right we will go and buy one right now. I can delay my business." The father and his son got ready very quickly.

"What kind of dog would you like to have?”

“The  best!”   answered the boy gaily.

Don't stay out too long I am going to prepare supper.”

She had her own TV set in the kitchen. She didn’t let anyone watch  it. Having  finished cooking she began to air the rooms. As she turned the light on in  Luke’s room she  got so surprised because  she remembered  that the window-frames on Luke’s  picture were closed.

‘’Maybe I am wrong.  When he comes  I will ask him.” She told herself.

She returned to the  kitchen and turned on  TV.

She wasn’t able to take her eyes  off the screen. She couldn’t realize what was going on.

When the telephone rang and she heard a policeman’s voice she understood that something terrible had happened.

It was a car accident. Next to her  husband’s and child’s bodies they found a small body of a dog. Jacky  was  answering the policeman automatically.

She was still living in that house. She wasn’t scared of living there alone. Jacky loved her son’s  room. She  would open the painted window-sills just like real ones and stand at the window enjoying the view.

“Mom I want to jump into the window”. Luke would say pretty often.

“Luke  it’s impossible. It’s a picture". She always answered.

Something  made her come up to the painted  window and open window-frames then climb on the window–sill and jump down.

“And you said that it is impossible mom! Come on father and I will catch you."

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