The House  

That house always drew a lot of attention. It attracted people like magnet.  Of course it was looked after as it was cleaned out and you could see beautiful curtains hung up at the windows. You felt at once that this  house was inhabited. There was  nothing unusual with it but still it was very attractive. The windows were regularly opened in the mornings and evenings, the garden was tidy and the path  swept. Someone took care of it, someone who was never seen.
The boys tried to look into the window, but the windows of the ground floor were too high and they couldn’t reach them. The people living inside must have been very quiet. Neither shouts nor even loud talks were ever heard from the house. Every neighbor wondered who lived there.
“No, Denny you should not do that! What are you going to tell them? How are you going to explain it to them?”   Asked Steve.
But Denny insisted on climbing through the window and getting in. He finally won Steve over to his decision. 
“I have fetched my ladder. We shall put it against the wall and get in. I even asked some of my friends to come here if we need help. They will find the ladder.”
They decided to knock on the door, but no one came. The boys knocked at the window. Nothing again, not even a slight movement. They leaned the ladder against the wall, climbed up and looked inside.
It was an ordinary room just like any other. They cautiously tried to get the glass out, but it broke. They held their breath and started to tremble with fear. Fortunately,  nobody heard  them. They jumped down. The room was very cozy and clean. They were scrutinizing  it with great interest, but suddenly  the door opened. It  filled them with fear.  Nobody came. “It must have been the wind”. Said one of them. Immediately after he said it  someone ran by hopping like a  child. Then they heard a woman singing. She was singing so amazingly that the boys didn’t even dare to interrupt  her.
As she stopped singing the boys opened  the door, but to their great surprise they saw nobody in the room nor even an instrument there.  Denny and Steve looked at each other  and the terrified  expression in their eyes could scare anyone. The boys   still managed  to overcome their fear and kept observing the house. There  were a lot of rooms in the house and each room seemed to lead its own life.
In the whole house there was nothing, but emptiness.  They were more surprised than frightened.
“ I haven’t seen them long.” Said one of the friends. 
“Danny said something about a  ladder, let’s go and find them.”
“Steve we better go home. There is nobody here except the ghosts. Don’t you see the house is full of them?! Let’s leave, before we make them angry.”
“All right, but  let’s look into the last room first and then we will find the exit.”
The last room was also empty. They decided to find the first room through which they got into the house. Denny and Steve were sure that room was on the ground floor, but they were not able to find  it then. They remembered breaking the  window, but none of them was broken and there was no ladder leaned against the wall.
“What should we  do now, Denny? How can we get away from here? You are the master of the situation, aren’t you?!”
Steve looked at him hopefully.
“We’re not going to stay here, I will find the means of escaping  from  this house. I promise you, don’t worry!”
“Well, we also tried to find them, but we were still here. Now, let’s look for the exit together!” They heard  the voice.

“How are you going to do that?”
“It’s quite easy. You just climb through the window and you are in.
What do you think?”
“That’s great!”
Jack and Nick  already  had a plan   of   getting  in that secret house.

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