The young woman was sitting in the detective’s office.  She answered  all  his questions  and told him    everything,   without concealing a thing.  She had nothing to conceal.  She admitted her guilt. Of course she was  guilty,  but was it really her fault?


                                                   *  *  *

‘Honey, aren’t you afraid that I will  accidentally   strangle you?  As I am unable to control  myself during it.   I simply cannot.  I am not joking.  I am afraid of myself, so   I am   worried about you,   Darling. There is nothing  I can do about it.’

‘Don’t be  afraid, my love. It  wouldn’t  be  so easy to strangle me. I think I could protect myself  against your passionate  arms.   You know, I am  so happy  to hear that from you.’

And he  undoubtedly  was  happy  not only  to hear her,  but  to see and feel her as well.  They have  been married for a long time and  loved each other dearly.  They couldn’t   imagine their  lives  without each other. They didn’t have children,   and it was no reason for them to break up.    After going to  work, his only desire was to come back home as soon  as possible to his beloved wife. She also did her best to make  time pass faster.  By the time he  came home, she would  always be   transformed  into a completely  different person.

She   had become  aware of the irresistible  desire  to strangle him during  intimacy  long ago.  And that desire would arouse her even more. She was afraid of it.  She tried to fight with herself, but her efforts were futile.  She was scared.    But there was nothing she could do.

Her husband liked it.   Of course he didn’t believe she could strangle him.  He was extremely happy to see his wife’s  delight.   He would   joke  later saying:

‘Darling,  what have you done to my neck?   It   sometimes  makes it hard to breathe. I thought I was just about   to  suffocate.’

To what his wife would anxiously reply.


‘You see? What if  I really strangle you?’

‘Don’t worry, dear. You can’t even imagine how happy  I am with you. When I think about the pleasure you get  it makes me lose my mind.’


But she was still frightened. What if her embraces become stronger?

He kept joking about it…

‘Even if you strangle me, it would be  such a joy   to die in your arms.’

‘Don’t say that, honey.  There is a grain of truth in every joke.’

‘Don’t make me laugh, my love.  No one has ever died from  it.   I am happy  I can give you  such pleasure.

That night was magical. He was unpredictable  and passionate. She didn’t even try  to help herself.

They  were wildly  loving each other.    She was literally exhausted  and   in a state of euphoria.

And  then when she regained her senses , she realized  that the thing  that she was  most afraid of had happened.


The lifeless  body of her  much loved    husband  lay on  the  bed next to her...

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